We use only high quality raw material from our land.

First-rate raw materials


All products are obtained by natural raw materials, without any chemical addictive or artificial flavour (caramel, colours, Gum Arabic etc.).
Cooked grapes must is the first ingredients together with the passing of time and our experience. It is made with Lambrusco,Trebbiano and Spergola grapes farmed in Acetaia Castelli’s land.
The must comes from a softly squeezing out, cooked on fire for days and then it is acidified and matured in barrels during the winter.


Thereafter time begin working: 7 different kind of woods (acacia, cherry wood, pear, juniper, chestnut, mulberry, oak) give to the vinegar an extraordinary bouquet of aromas. Aged balsamic vinegar appears as a refined nectar, thick and shining. Therefore, the owner’s ability is fundamental to make products unique and unforgettable.