Privacy Policy

Why this notice?

In this page we describe how the website is managed referring to users personal data treatment who browse in it. It is an informative given under art.13 of d.lgs. n. 196\2003 (Personal data protection code) to those who interact with Acetaia Castelli (Azienda Agricola Iotti Danilo) web services, available to the link:

that corresponds to the Acetaia Castelli website main page.
The circular refers only to this website and not for any other further websites that the user may consult.
The circular is referred to the Raccomandation n. 2/2001 that the European authorities has adopted in May 17th 2001 for the protection of personal data reunited in the instituted Group from art.29 directive n. 95\46\CE, in order to identify some minimum requests for the collection of on-line personal data, and , in particular, procedures, timing and the infos nature that the owners have to provide to the users when they browse the web pages, regardless the user purpose.

Il treat data related to identify person

Following the consultation of this website we could treat data related to identify or identifiable person.
The owner of that treatment is Acetaia Castelli , Azienda Agricola Iotti Danilo, based in Via Castelli 5, 42010, Rio Saliceto (RE), Italy.

Data treatment place

The treatment linked to this website services take place in the previous mentioned Acetaia Castelli (Azienda Agricola Iotti Danilo) offices by appointee employees. No data from this web service is broadcasted.

Treated Data

Web surfing data: the informatics system and the software procedures in charge to the operation of this website acquire, during a normal practice, some personal data whose transmission is implicit in internet communication protocols usage.
They are information that are not collected to be associated to identified person involved, but according to their nature, they could allow to identify users through third part data elaboration or association.
Are part of this data category: IPs or computer names used by the users that connect to the website, requested research URI addresses, request timing, how the request is submitted to the server, answer file dimension, numeric code relative to the server data answer state, other parameter concerning the operation system and the user informatics environment.
This data are used only to acquire anonymous statistic informations about website usage and to check the proper operation, they are erased immediately after the elaboration.
Data could be used for verify who is the responsible in case of informatics felony: except for this eventuality, data’s users do not remain for more than 7 days.

Voluntary data user:

The facultative, explicit and voluntary forwarding of emails to the addresses mentioned in this website entails the consecutive acquisition of the sender address, that is necessary to respond to the requests, as well as the eventually other personal data put in the mail.
Specific recap circulars will be progressively reported or visualized in the web pages organized for specific services on demand.


No users personal data is acquired on purpose by the website.

We do not use cookies for personal info transmission, nor do we use any persistent cookies of any kind, that are tracking system for users.

The use of session cookies ( that are not persistently memorized on the user computer and they vanish at browser closure) is strictly limited to the transmission of identify session marks (made by casual numbers generated by the server) that are necessary to allow a safe and efficient website surfing.

The session cookies used in this website avoid the recourse to other informatics techniques that could be potentially detrimental for users surfing confidentiality and they not consent the acquisition of personal users identify marks.


Optional data provision

Apart from what specified for browsing data, the user is free to provide the personal data reported in data collection forms or in contacts to the addresses indicated on this website; On the other hand, if not provided eventual requests could be not accomplished.

Procedures of dealing

The personal data are treated with automatic instruments as long as is strictly necessary to accomplish the purpose for whom they were collected. We use specific security measures to prevent data loss, unlawful uses or incorrect ones and not authorized accesses.
Concerned person rights
The subjects, to which personal data refer, in any moment have the right to obtain the confirm of the existence or not of the above mentioned data and to know the origin and the contents, to verify the exactitude or to ask the updating and the integration or the correction (art. 7 of d.lgs. n. 196\2003)
Under the same article the user has the right to demand the erasure, the transformation in anonymous form or the stop of the unlawful data treatment, and also he has the right to object in any case, for legitimate reasons, to their treatment. The request have to be turned to the responsible of data treatment who can be found on the address:


This privacy circular is automatically available at most recent browsers that implement P3P standard (“Platform for Privacy Preferences Project”) suggested by World Wide Web Consortium (

Any effort will be made to make more interoperable the website features with the automatic privacy control procedures, that are available in some products used by users.

Considering that the control automatic improvement method are not free from errors or malfunctions, it is clarified that the present document, published at:

is the “Privacy Policy” of this website and that it will be updated if it will be.