Close to tradition, far from commercial.

Balsamic Dressing


It is a product free from policy documents, so the producers can make condiments that are expressions of the family’s traditions, always respecting the law.
Acetaia Castelli balsamic condiments’ acidity is less than Balsamic vinegar of Modena, they are made with more than 80% of cooked grape must and aged at least 5 years until 20 years in barrels of 7 different kind of woods.
We think that the quality of our balsamic condiments are between the “Traditional balsamic vinegar” and the “Balsamic vinegar of Modena”.


Spritz balsamic dressing


Rosè balsamic dressing


Pear balsamic dressing


Fig balsamic dressing


Lemon balsamic dressing


Orange balsamic dressing


Apple balsamic dressing

Nero Castelli

Balsamic dressing with an intense sweet and sour taste, aged in 3 different kind of barrels for about 5 years

Dodici Castelli

Sweet and sour condiment with harmonious taste, aged in 5 different kind of barrels for about 12 years

Re Castelli

Balsamic dressing Aged, aged in 4 different kind of barrels for about 8 years