“Garbage is a great resource in the wrong place that lacks someone’s imagination to be recycled for the benefit of all.”

cit. Mark Victor Hansen

Guide to recycling our products

At Acetaia Castelli, we are committed to sustainability in all our activities, from our supply chain, to the production and finally to the packaging of our product.

To make it easier for you to make the best choices when it comes to recycling our packaging, you will find the materials from which they are made on our packaging and below is a guide for proper disposal. Always follow the collection methods of your municipality.

BOTTIGLIE Bottiglia vetro raccolta vetro
Bottiglia plastica raccolta plastica
TAPPI Tappo in plastica raccolta plastica
Tappo in sughero raccolta differenziata dedicata
Tappo in alluminio raccolta alluminio e metallo
Tappo in sughero con canula in alluminio raccolta differenziata dedicata
Tappo in sughero con canula in plastica raccolta differenziata dedicata
Tappo in sughero con canula in vetro raccolta differenziata dedicata
Tappo barattolo composte raccolta alluminio e metallo
CAPSULE Plastica raccolta plastica
Alluminio raccolta alluminio e metallo
CONFEZIONI Pouch Up raccolta plastica
Tubo + raccolta differenziata dedicata
Tanica raccolta plastica

raccolta carta


Click here to view the in-depth Wikipedia page on recycling codes