Lambrusco IGP sweet “Ca’Re”

Vine characterized by an elegant purple color, produced from Salamino grapes, which has an alcohol content of 8.5% vol. , an acidity of 7 g / l and 44 g / l of sugars. It is characterized by harmonious hints of wild berries (cherry, raspberry, currant), slightly floral (pink), and a refreshing, juicy and fruity flavor (cherry and raspberry).

Dry Lambrusco DOP “Rios”

Wine with an intense ruby color, produced with selected grapes, including Salamino, Sorbara and Marani, which has an alcohol content of 11% vol. and an acidity of 7.5 g / l. It has a clean, medium intensity and delicately floral scent. It is also characterized by a refreshing, full-bodied and pleasantly balanced flavor.